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Overview hikes

Worriken is located in a beautiful hiking area with lovely walks. Here are two recommended overviews with hikes:

Hikes in Worriken

The following hikes start or lead past Worriken. They are mostly hikes where you follow hike nodes. The hikes can be easily customised using the hike node route planner or the hiking map around the lake (8€). This hiking map is available at reception (€8), as is the free Genusstouren brochure. Attention, always check the hunting calendar before going out for a hike: Jagd in der Gemeinde Bütgenbach and Jagd in Ostbelgien

Fitness path (3.5 or 5.5 km)
Kids on Tour: Forest and water fun (5.7 km)
Historical walk (7.5 km)
Around the lake (10 km)
To Bütgenbacher Heck (16 km)
On the heights around Bütgenbach (With a small adjustment to the hike nodes, this path also leads right past our front door).
Great Bütgenbach walk (36 km) (With a small adjustment to the hike nodes, this route also passes right by our front door).
Hike nodes route planner

Hiking highlights in the area

Around Bütgenbach Lake

If you go hiking in the East of the Belgian Ardennes, you will find out how varied the landscape and walks are. We recommend that you start your hiking adventure with the Bütgenbach Lake circuit.

This 10.5 km hike is very varied and takes you through different landscapes. On foot through forests and across meadows, on boardwalks and of course along the shore of Bütgenbach Lake, which is never far away. On the way, there is always the opportunity to sit down on a bench and let your gaze wander into the distance.

Although this route is not flat, it is not all that difficult. If you want to take a stroller with you, please note that you will need to lift it regularly. The trail runs mostly along forest trails, making it a popular route for trail runners. There are countless small beaches along the way that invite you to take a rest. However, swimming in the unsupervised areas is not permitted due to the strong current.

Don’t forget to pre-order your packed lunch at the restaurant in Worriken. There are few or no places to eat along the walking route. So a picnic is definitely the best way to go!

On foot along the RAVeL route

Do you prefer flat, even ground under your feet? Thanks to the good tarmac path, you can easily explore the RAVeL route with a stroller, inline skates or wheelchair. Perfect for a carefree trip into nature. There are no cars or other dangerous tripping hazards on the route due to the path leading over a disused, asphalted rail track bed. Whether with a stroller or a wheelchair, there is nothing to hold back people with restricted mobility on the RAVeL route!

Going for a hike with kids

Discover, play, have fun in nature and experience adventures: Here are some ideas for spending wonderful moments in nature with your children while hiking.

  • Fitness trail: 3,5 or 5,5 km: A trim trail is a circular route with exercise stations along the path. These stations enable various physical activities such as pull-ups, push-ups, balance beams and stretching exercises. Kids just play around and enjoy the nature.
  • Kids on Tour: Forest and water fun (5.7 km)
  • Geocaching: Older children in general like geocaching. Finding hidden “treasure” containers in nature can turn the hike into an exciting adventure.
  • Treasure hunt: 2 km: Participants solve clues and riddles during a 2 km walk on the grounds of Worriken to crack the code that will allow the treasure chest to be opened. Please note that the site is not suitable for wheelchairs and prams: it is quite an adventurous walk.
  • Village rallye

Hiking in the Bütgenbach area

Of course you can also go on many other hikes in the area around Bütgenbach and the High Fens. Thanks to the network of intersections or hike nodes, you can easily plan your own hike. Although the various hiking trails can be very different due to the diverse nature, they do have one thing in common: they stimulate your five senses in every season. The beauty is hidden in everything: the dull stillness of a winter landscape, the bright yellow daffodils in spring, butterflies and the wonderful scents and odours after a summer rain, the mushrooms and the bright colours of autumn. It never gets boring in our breathtaking nature, which will amaze you again and again. Away from everyday life: shift down a gear and put on your hiking boots. If you can spend the night in a comfortable bed after a challenging day of hiking, the day has been a great success!


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