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Fishing in Bütgenbach

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Of course you can also fish in Bütgenbach. All around the lake there are idyllic spots where you can cast your rod. You need two licenses to fish from the shore of Lake Bütgenbach. You can purchase the local license in Worriken on presentation of the regional Walloon license.

1. Permit from the Walloon Region

There are 2 types of licence.

1.1. Fishing licence A

The A license allows you to fish from the shore (not from a jetty or a boat) with a maximum of 2 rods.

1.2. Fishing licence B

With the B license you can also fish from the jetty or a boat.

1.3. Purchasing a Walloon license

You can purchase the permit from the Walloon Region  online.

2. Local licence

A regional licence allows you to fish at Lake Bütgenbach. There are a total of 6 different types of fishing licenses. A fishing licence for one or two consecutive days is only issued from the first weekend in June. For other licence holders, the fishing season starts on the third Saturday of March. Below you can find an overview of all local fishing licenses with the relevant prices.

Local fishing licences

  • 1 day: 11 €
  • 2 consecutive days: 17 €
  • 7 consecutive days: 31 €
  • 14 consecutive days: 41 €
  • Annual licence: 67 €
  • Annual licence for young people (14 – 17 years) and adults with a disability card:  51 €
  • NEW! Boat day pass: €21 (non-transferable pass, valid from the 1st Saturday of June for Catch & Release angling from a boat)

Purchasing a local licence

You can purchase your local license at Worriken reception. When you check in at the entrance to your “cottage“, your room in our Sporthouse or your pitch on the campsite, you can also purchase your fishing license directly. A local licence is only sold on presentation of your Walloon license.

3. Fishing from a boat?

If you want to fish from a boat, you need two licenses and one boat license: a B license from the Walloon Region and at least a local license for 7 consecutive days. In other words, holders of a one or two-day license are not allowed to fish from a boat. Alternatively, you can also purchase a boat day pass. (see 2. Local license)

You must request the boat licence from the LRPE Secretariat: or by calling +32 (0) 496 43 83 56.

4. Fishing with children

Your children can accompany you when fishing. An adult angler can bring up to 3 children (= up to 13 years of age). Each child gets his/her own rod. An extra rod without a (further) child is not allowed.

5. Fishing equipment

You can buy bait and other fishing gear in Malmedy (+/- 15 km).